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The Wall Has Fallen  (Page twenty-five onwards)


What goes around (Page 26 onwards)


The Dark Side of Diligence

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Wide Blue Yonder

Heavy Metal (An article about Triumph Motorcycles)


Platforms in Japan


Daggers slicing at Eat Osaka


Food for Spies


Kansai’s British Boffins’s-british-boffins


Dad and son’s sumo dream


The Calm After The Storm (Page twenty onwards)


Well Dressed

Dec 2015, page 32 - pdf


European Business Council in Japan -

Dec 2014, page 40 - pdf

July 2015, page 33 - pdf

May 2015, page 25 - pdf

July 2014, page 38 - pdf

April 2014, page 27 - pdf - website


Shock And




Britain may no longer be a military superpower, but it still packs a formidable punch.




Call In The Professional


Port Strategy - Eastern Promise


From repair to remanufacturing (see image below)


Quality Key to Guitars of Note


By Invite Only


Wood for the Trees (Risk Management)




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