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The pen is mightier than the sword - and that old proverb must include the fabled Japanese samurai blade. At we use the power of the notebook, a pen, and a good ear, to write high quality stories, where the devil is in the detail. We have written about Rolls-Royce aero engines in Singapore (see the Portfolio section), Chinese shipping, and small business. Sometimes we are faced with less palatable, and delicate, human stories, like karoshi, or death by overwork in Japan. Under our journalistic scrutiny have also been British sumo champs, and a feature about UK firm Triumph Motorcycles. From stories about the strategic plans for the vast Port of Osaka, to a story about an ingenious Dutchman who lives "off the grid" in the mountains south east of Osaka: Tim Maughan is able to grasp the vital details, and transform them - and we don't simply cut and paste press releases - into highly readable articles.


As a local reporter, he cut his teeth at Johnston Press in southern England. After that, for nine years, he was a business, transport and automotive industry journalist at Reed Business, a division of FTSE100 firm RELX. There, his main task was to meet business professionals, be an ambassador for the company, and transform complex information into readable articles.


As a proofreader, copyeditor, and editor, Tim understands the need for total detail. As well as an accomplished writer, he is an experienced freelance editor at Tokyo-based translation/academic editing company Honyaku Babel. Additionally, he takes on lengthy thesis papers, written by non-native English students studying at Japanese universities (see the Testimonial section).


A solid education is what you'd expect from a bona fide journalist. has a second class honours, upper division (2:1) degree in the Humanities (English and History of Art specialisms), but after graduating in 1994, he learnt that effective, powerful writing is not about using the most academic words - but plain language, expertly assembled. Tim completed the coveted NCTJ Newspaper Journalism certificate  in 1997, the industry standard for print journalists in the UK. Formal qualifications, though, are just part of the education "story": there is no substitute for getting out into the field, and writing as a professional. We have interviewed everyone from politicians to ship captains; from helicopter pilots to local councillors. We have spoken to a brain scientist, and Japanese dockers. From Philadelphia to Tokyo, the Inner Hebrides to Sofia, has roamed. Every story, thoroughly researched, and delivered with pinpoint accuracy.


At Reed Business, Tim did not just travel around Britain, continental Europe, and to the United States, interviewing professionals. He also commissioned work to a team of freelance automotive and business journalists. Those stories would come back to the office; would then pore over the proofs, like a hawk, checking for any inconsistencies. An experienced proofreader, Tim was a vital component in the magazine publishing process.





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